Erasmus project: Learnify Academy – the digital language teaching academy

Games and gamification in language teaching and learning are a very important part of all the endeavors to improve the language learning experience of the students. The most important aspect of the application of games and gamification in language teaching is to have teachers, skillful enough to be able to apply this in their language teaching. The Erasmus project: Learnify Academy – the digital language teaching academy that aims at improving the teaching skills (related to games and gamification of at least 100 language teachers from Romania, Cyprus, and Greece). Led by WIR SIND GUTENBERG SRL, a language school in Romania, and in collaboration with C.F.Elite Tutors Ltd, an online Greek language school based in Cyprus, this initiative seeks to equip educators with the necessary skills to create dynamic learning environments.

The project kicked off with a successful meeting in Romania, where project logistics were discussed, and a comprehensive roadmap was established. Building upon this foundation, the second phase of the project recently took place in Cyprus, where ten dedicated teachers, five from Cyprus and five from Romania, participated in a rigorous three-day training program. The training focused on harnessing the potential of interactive games to foster engagement and learning outcomes in language education.

During the training in Cyprus, teachers not only gained valuable insights on integrating games into their classrooms, but they also had the unique opportunity to create their games tailored to the specific languages they teach. This hands-on experience empowered the teachers to customize learning experiences, making them more immersive and impactful. The collaborative nature of the training also enabled the exchange of ideas and best practices among educators from different backgrounds.

As part of the project, a vibrant online community will be established, providing a platform for participating teachers to continue their professional development. Through this community, teachers will be able to share their experiences, insights, and lessons learned, creating a dynamic network of educational practitioners dedicated to fostering innovation in teaching. Furthermore, the participating teachers will collaborate with their respective organizations to organize online events, where they will showcase their newfound knowledge and strategies for integrating interactive games into classrooms.This EU-funded aims to help modernize education and equip teachers with the necessary tools to engage students in the digital age. By embracing the power of interactive games, teachers will be able to transform traditional learning environments into dynamic, participatory spaces that cultivate students’ curiosity and passion for learning.

About WIR SIND GUTENBERG SRL: WIR SIND GUTENBERG SRL is a leading language school based in Romania, committed to providing innovative language education solutions to students and educators. With a strong focus on integrating technology in classrooms, WIR SIND GUTENBERG SRL is at the forefront of educational advancements.

About C.F.Elite Tutors Ltd:
C.F.Elite Tutors Ltd is an online Greek language school based in Cyprus, dedicated to providing high-quality language education through innovative teaching methods. With a passion for leveraging digital tools, C.F.Elite Tutors Ltd aims to revolutionize language learning in the online realm.

The project ”Learnify – the academy for gamification and game-based learning in online language teaching” (Project No: KA210-VET-B068AC2A) is funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein. [Project Number: KA210-VET-B068AC2A]