About Us

We are committed to enriching lives through comprehensive education and cultural immersion.

Based in the heart of Cyprus, our institute is a crucible of learning and cultural exchange. With two Greek language schools one online for global access and another local in the heart of Nicosia—we bring the richness of Greek language and culture to you. Our commitment extends beyond language teaching. We host a diverse array of events at our multipurpose educational facility in rural Larnaka. From language workshops to cooking sessions, pottery classes, cinema and theatre workshops, we offer a spectrum of experiences to everyone interested in tasting the life in a rural Cypriot village.

Our involvement in various European projects cements our position as pioneers in educational innovation. Through these collaborations, we not only enhance our teaching methodologies but also expand our network, connecting with like-minded institutions and individuals across Europe.

Drop us a line

We are always eager to explore new partnerships and opportunities. Whether you’re looking for collaboration on educational projects or interested in our language programs, we’d love to hear from you.